Powerblanket® Offers Line of Patented Heating Blankets for Drums and Buckets


The Powerblanket® line of drum and bucket warmers replaces conventional band heaters, warming ovens and blowers for heating temperature-sensitive materials stored in plastic, metal and other containers. Utilizing patented GreenHeat™ Technology, the heaters are a much more energy- and cost-efficient solution for maintaining viscosity and flow for stored liquids, including water, chemicals, paint and food products.

GreenHeat Technology is a revolutionary heat spreading system that is designed to provide a highly efficient and uniform distribution of heat while only consuming low levels of energy. The technology allows containers to be rapidly and consistently warmed without creating the hot and cold spots common with competitive products.

Powerblanket drum and bucket warmers provide maximum freeze protection by maintaining a desired temperature through an evenly heated area. The insulated full-wrap design keeps heat in and cold out, working on both metal and poly drums and buckets year-round. By evenly maintaining temperatures, the warmers prevent product waste and reduce downtime.

Powerblanket warmers operate from a standard 120 V electrical source and are certified to UL/CSA/CE safety standards. The product line fits 210 l, 115 l and 57 l drums and 19 l buckets. A PRO model comes with an adjustable thermostatic controller that allows customers to set and manage material temperatures from ambient up to 71°C (±1°C).

The Rapid Ramp model will quickly heat and keep materials at a temperature of 38°C (±6°C). These units use full amps to reach temperature, then “ramp” down to about half of the current to maintain that temperature.

Powerblanket® provides superior heating solutions for a multitude of applications, including industrial and manufacturing temperature control, ground thawing, concrete curing, and many more.

Source: Powerblanket®


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