Environmentally-Friendly Natural Grit for Use in the Private Sector


For the upcoming winter season, ROTEC offers two silicate-based grits: RUTSCH-EX and RUTSCH-EX PLUS.

The two natural grits possess outstanding properties and economical advantages. They are based on natural silicate, a natural product that is mined near the surface.

Especially for the use in the private sector, Rotec offers a 10-l bag with convenient carrying handle. The low weight of around 3 to 4 kg per unit is very convenient to handled for dealers and customers alike. For the distributors 150 bags per palette with customizable outer carton is available.

RUTSCH-EX works completely without salt and is suitable for both machine and hand scattering. It is a purely natural mineral made of expanded silicate. With its low bulk density of about 260-310 g/l, it is extremely effective and reduces the amount of grit necessary. It does not need to be picked-up because it causes no damage to the drainage systems.

Due to its water-storing, soil-loosening properties the winter-grit granulate is even soil-enhancing. It does not cause rust on vehicles or scratch floors such as terrazzo and marble slabs.

The environmentally friendly natural grit is impressive in two ways, by its particular characteristics and its ecology. It is awarded the “THE BLUE ANGEL” cachet, awarded by: RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling, a registered association.

RUTSCH-EX PLUS prevents slippage effectively and quickly in icy conditions down to -25°C through the combination of enhanced expanded silicate with a thawing agent. The moisture formed during the thawing as well as the condensation do not freeze over again. Only small amounts are needed to prevent slippage. This allows for the effective combination of economic and ecological goals. Ideal areas and applications are where rapid, effective action is required with very little impact on material, fauna and flora.

According to the manufacturer 10 l are enough to provide 150 m2 of coverage.

The use of RUTSCH-EX and RUTSCH-EX PLUS requires no subsequent cleaning. The grit residue dissolves completely in the rain and causes no blockages in drainage systems or water runoff. Grit residues entering the soil, act positively on the growth of plants due to calcium oxide nutrients.

Source: ROTEC GmbH & Co. KG

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