Improved Traction for Excavators and Tracked Machines

Woodbridge Equipment Parts Inc. is now the Canadian distributor of TrackGrip, a steel ground gripping device that bolts directly onto the tracks of excavators, dozers and ASV Type machines; this facilitates the operation of construction equipment in conditions that would otherwise be considered non viable for single vehicular operation.

The TrackGrip attachment can be installed on all machines with track widths ranging from 30 to 90 mm (12” - 36”). The “easy-fit” TrackGrip bars can be installed or removed on site within approximately twenty minutes by an operator. The MightyGrip and StandardGrip models are designed for machines ranging from 6 t upwards; the ASV Type model is designed for use with Terex, ASV and CAT compact track loaders. 

TrackGrip’s patented design, combined with high grade steel specifications and construction techniques, ensures troubl-free operation in harsh terrains for large construction equipment. 

“The ability to complete projects with reduced infrastructure costs and manpower is of strategic critical advantage in winning competitive construction tenders,” says Michael Knight of Woodridge Equipement Parts Inc.
TrackGrip is designed for farming, forestry sandstone, mud, clay, snow, ice and drain work and is guaranteed to stay on. 

Source: Woodbridge Equipment Parts Inc.

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