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Edbro used Tip-ex13 as the showcase event to launch the second generation CX14 cylinder to the market. Since its launch at the same event in 2010, the CX14 has been proven to be the lightest of all the 8x4 tipping gears on the market; now its shed a further 28 kg without compromising on tipping speed, lift capacity or reliability. The CX14 can now generate thousands of dollars in extra payload over the life of a vehicle.

Since its launch three years ago, the CX14 has become the tipping hoist of choice for most fleet operators in the UK market when specifying an 8x4 tipping vehicle. This claim is fully endorsed by the sales figures: Tarmac has fitted over 150 units in 18 months, that is more than the closest competitor unit has sold nationwide in 24 months. Other national fleets to specify CX14 include Aggregate Industries, Cemex and Lafarge, while both MAN & Volvo use the tipping hoist as the standard cylinder for their “Trucks to go” program.

Offering a weight saving of 86 kg against the previous industry benchmark, Edbro’s CX15, and a lift capacity of 25 t to the top it is not hard to understand the reasons behind the cylinder's popularity. Thanks to the overwhelming success of the model it has been economically viable for Edbro to make further investments in tooling which has facilitated the launch of the lighter 2nd generation CX14.

Maximised payload is not the only advantage of the CX14 model. It offers safety factors in excess of 50% on buckling and has a safe lift capacity of 25 tonnes to the top. The only possible scenario in the UK where a larger cylinder may be required is in a heavy off-road application in which payload and ground conditions are less controlled.
Competitor cylinders, which are exclusively imported from foreign markets apply heavy sub frames to protect the cylinder from twist and flex which is not a concern in the UK, and many other places. The CX14 has been designed to make the cylinder lighter and offer a direct increase in payload rather than adding weight to protect the cylinder from conditions that will not necessarily be encountered.

Prior to release, the model was subjected to stringent testing, including cycle tests, side load resistance and over pressurisation, and several operators took part in a four year field trial. The tests showed that the cylinder is able to operate reliably within the parameters of the UK market and offer operators real life payload improvements and commensurate commercial benefits.

When specifying a tipping vehicle the last thing that should be compromised on is the very thing which makes it a tipper. Edbro offers industry leading reliability on all of its products and boasts a national service network which is second to none. Its expert sales team are available to speak to you about your needs prior to specification and advise you on how you can maximise your tipping efficiency.

Source: Edbro Plc

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