Terex eLiterature App


Accessing information about Terex® machines has never been easier following the launch of the equipment manufacturer’s new application Terex eLiterature (eLit). Available to download free on iPads and iPhones via the Apple store, Terex eLit allows users to effortlessly view up-to-date specification sheets and brochures for every Terex product at the touch of a button. The convenient app has been developed as part of a wider Terex commitment to extend customer support beyond its products.

By performing simple one-touch gestures, Terex eLit users are able to download and browse multiple product brochures and specification sheets, which are then available to access offline. For example, hitting one icon will download the entire Terex portfolio which can be viewed even when there is no internet access. The emailing facility also makes it easy to share documents with colleagues and prospective customers.

Terex eLit provides Terex customers, distributors and team members with immediate access to Terex product information quicker than ever before saving customers’ time and answering many of the most frequently asked machine queries instantly.

Downloads are available in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. 

This application is currently not available for Android devices.

Source: Terex Corporation

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