HammerHead Introduces New CIPP Epoxy System

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment introduced its new epoxy system for the recently released HydraLiner Lateral Lining system. Expanding on its previously available options, this single base resin system comes with three choices of curing agent hardeners. The 100% solids epoxy is used for installing cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).

HydraLiner epoxy base resin is tinted transparent blue. Hardeners are transparent yellow. When the two are properly mixed, they create a uniform green color. This combination has proven to work well with felt or fiberglass liner material.

Winter Blend is the fastest curing HydraLiner hardener and is ideal for cold weather conditions or for short applications that require a fast return to service. Standard Blend is the customary hardener with an increased working and cure time sufficient for most project applications. Summer Blend is useful in long or large diameter pipe runs and high temperature applications with a sustained temperature of up to 93°C. The speed of cure for any of the hardeners increases with the addition of heat via hot water, hot air or steam.

The epoxy base, winter and standard hardeners are classified by the Department of Transportation as non-regulated and non-corrosive, minimizing shipping issues for hazardous materials. HydraLiner Epoxy Resin System for CIPP with hardeners is available in 19-l pails, 208-l drums, and 1041-l Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC).

Technical, mixing and cure time information is available on the HammerHead website and through the HydraLiner Calculator App. Customers can calculate resin/hardener mixtures and cure times based on project specifications. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows 8 mobile devices.

Source: HammerHead Trenchless Equipment

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