Dufferin Concrete Launches the Dufferin U-Track Mobile Application


Dufferin Concrete, a division of Holcim Canada Inc. launched its new mobile truck-tracking application today. The app provides real-time information giving Dufferin Concrete's customers an effective tool to manage concrete pours.

"The Dufferin U-Track app works in a simple and effective manner allowing registered customers to review and track their concrete deliveries using the mobile application on their smartphone or tablet." said Peter Moylan, general manager, Dufferin Concrete.

"The app uses GPS technology to tell customers exactly where their delivery is - a critical piece of information when dealing with a perishable material like concrete. Customers can track their delivery from order to pour and see up to seven days of future orders, allowing them to review the order for accuracy, effectively manage their resources and plan their job sites accordingly," he added.

The application is currently being released to customers and will be available at www.dufferin-utrack.com for registered customers.

Source: Holcim Canada inc.


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