Air End Repair and Rebuilding: Benefit from Increased Reliability

Comairco is an industrial equipment supplier that offers a multitude of services, including air end repair and refurbishing. The compression unit is the heart of your compressor, and unlike most of the other components, it’s specific to your equipment and seldom readily available as a replacement part. Their durability generally varies from one manufacturer to another, but all compression units eventually wear out. That’s why they should be refurbished as part of a preventive maintenance program in order to avoid the costs of repairs and unscheduled interruptions in production.

Some Serious Benefits to Consider
When you choose to have your air end rebuilt, the first step of the process is determining the level of wear and tear through a review of the maintenance log, predictive analysis or an inspection in our workshop. All certified Comairco technicians employ these methods regularly in order to formulate precise, informed diagnoses.

Maintaining your air end will keep your compressor working for several more years, while guaranteeing a consistent level of performance. Your air end rebuild can also be combined with a convenient protection plan or even qualify for an exchange program. In the vast majority of cases, this maintenance will cost a lot less than a total replacement of the equipment.

Your compressor is the very core of your operations and productivity, so it’s reassuring to know that you can schedule the maintenance on it to minimize downtime. You can also combine this maintenance program with an equipment rental in order to maintain an optimal level of performance under any circumstances.

Recognized Know-How
Since the beginning, Comairco has had the good fortune of being able to rely on a team of specialized technicians who can recondition and repair all types of air ends for lubricated compressors. As the brand’s principal distributor, the company also boasts an impressive inventory of Sullair stationary and portable air ends (100–500 psi).

First and foremost, Comairco is synonymous with 45 years of experience in air compressors, thousands of clients throughout North America, one of the largest inventories of parts, and a team of more than 150 devoted employees.

Comairco offers comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the needs and demands of the company’s clientele, thanks to its mobile service department, various state-of-the-art workshops, a fleet of rental equipment, an industrial engineering department, and a technical support team that’s available 24/7.

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Source: Comairco


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