From Start-Up to Specialist

When it comes to the jobs no one wants to take, Sean Turpin, president of Rysen Bobcat Services, is not afraid of a challenge. That is because he is confident his guys, equipped with Hitachi excavators, will get the job done.

Rysen started business in late 1999 with one skid steer. Fifteen years later, Sean Turpin has grown the St. Albert, Alberta-based company, which specializes in earthworks and grading, to more than 30 employees. He has also transformed into a Hitachi fan along the way.

“I chose Hitachi after I talked with some of my friends in the industry, and they said Hitachi is the way to go,” he said. “The excavators are reliable, smooth and just awesome.”

Rysen now has a fleet of five ZX210LC-5 excavators ready to tackle a variety of jobs. And there has been no buyer’s remorse for Turpin when it comes to his Hitachi feet.

“The guys at Wajax, my Hitachi dealer, can break down the cost per hour of what it takes for me to run a unit,” Mr. Turpin said. “And it’s unbelievable how low the cost is. The numbers say it all.”

With 30 years of operator experience, Rysen employee Derrick Brooks, or “Brooksie” as the guys call him, also encouraged his boss to purchase Hitachi excavators.

“I’ve operated every brand of excavator,” Mr. Brooks said. “Hitachi is quick and powerful – the 210 has all the power I need. It’s really comfortable, which makes operators happy and more productive.”

And Sean Turpin makes sure he has got the right guys in the cab by turning to veterans, like Brooksie, to help train new operators. “We really pride ourselves on training the next generation,” he said. “A lot of our operators are under 30. Brooksie really invests time in training young operators. When it comes to getting the job done, we want the experience and know-how on our side.”

Armed with its fleet of ZX210LC-5 excavators, Rysen does not finch at any job, whether it is short-term, long-term or challenging. “We take a lot of the hard jobs that no one wants to do,” said Sean Turpin. “These are jobs other companies shy away from; the tedious stuff – it’s our forte. No matter the conditions, my guys don’t miss a beat. And Hitachi keeps us running. If Rysen is there, Rysen will do the work.”

One of the company’s long-term undertakings is working on the Anthony Henday Drive expansion, which includes over 40 km of new highway and 47 bridge structures – estimated to be completed in late 2016. The company has been supplying excavators and other equipment to various road-building companies around Alberta since 2009. And Rysen’s excavators have been busy.

“We have at least four 210s working every day – from working with underground utilities and fiber optics, grade beam construction, ditch sloping and shaping to just loading our feet of tandems. We can keep our Hitachis busy, rain or shine,” Mr. Turpin said.

For short-term jobs, the Hitachi excavators’ mobility and versatility allow Rysen to be nimble with its operations.
“We can put the 210s on a trailer, complete a job, load them up at the end of the day and be on to the next thing,” said Sean Turpin. “It definitely gives us an advantage.”

In addition to running the company, Sean Turpin enjoys being out in the field and getting first hand experience with his excavators. “I’m in the field a lot,” he said. “With the Hitachi excavators, loading, digging, everything about them is better. They just keep running – working on jobs day after day.”

Even though the company has grown, Rysen has kept its small business feel. Since its incorporation in 2003, Sean Turpin has brought the people on board who want what is best for him and his company.

Mr. Turpin still prefers working with customers directly and keeps his vision for the company focused on what it does best – earthwork and grading – while using the best equipment to get the job done. “I don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades,” he said. “I want to be the go-to guy when someone needs excavating and earthwork. Rysen specializes in that, and Hitachi specializes in excavators – that’s why they’re a good match for us.”

Rysen Bobcat Services Ltd. is serviced by Wajax Equipment, Edmonton, Alberta.

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery


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