Holder PowerDrive Awarded Prestigious German Award for Innovation

Holder Tractors Inc. (HTI) is pleased to announce that the Holder PowerDrive has been awarded the prestigious Industriepreis award for 2015 in the category of Drive and Fluid Technology. This annual award is judged by an independent panel of professors, industry experts, trade journalists and scientists and is based on a combination of high technology, ecology, economic and social values in the automotive industry. The Holder PowerDrive is currently available as an option on the Holder C 270.

As the pioneer in articulated steering, Holder has set a new standard in terms of dynamics and efficiency with the development of the Holder PowerDrive. The core of the PowerDrive consists of 4 strong wheel motors, a valve block for control of the hydraulic flow and a smart driving electronic system that switches automatically between driving situations. This unique combination provides 40% more towing power and a climbing capability 50% higher than its predecessor in heavy-duty applications.

In transportation mode, the torque of the wheel motors is cut in half and the rear axle is deactivated to reach maximum speed at a much lower motor speed resulting in a fuel savings in excess of 20% and a clearly noticeable reduction in noise.

Since the Holder PowerDrive allows the tractor to switch between all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive automatically, the operator can work safely and comfortably while focusing on the job at hand.

Holder Tractors Inc. is the North American distributor of Holder tractors, designed and manufactured in Germany by Max Holder GmbH. Established in 1888, Holder manufactures and distributes a line of articulated tractors and carries a full line of attachments designed to meet the needs of its customers all year round. Known for its quality, engineering and versatility, Holder is an industry leader in multifunctional tractors.

Source: Holder Tractors Inc.

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