New Trackless Series 7 Municipal Tractor

Trackless Vehicles Ltd. recently introduced their new Series 7 municipal tractor. Over the last 45 years there have been hundreds of changes and improvements which have increased equipment performance, operator comfort and safety features while reducing fuel costs, noise levels and downtime. The MT7 now takes the Canadian manufacturer to a whole new level.

The new MT7 is being well received by all customers who have had the opportunity to test drive, check out all of the design enhancements and learn how all of the value added features benefit and reduce cost for their various departments.

A 74 hp John Deere Tier 4 final diesel engine powers the MT7. Rather than a smaller 2.8 to 3.3 l engine, Trackless chose a larger 4.5 l displacement engine for higher torque and longevity. Although the horsepower is less than the prior model MT6, it is very close to the MT3, MT4 and early model MT5s which were produced for many years and cleared snow from sidewalks, loaded trucks with a snow blowers and powered large mowing equipment.

A new joystick design for the MT7 automatically programs itself for whatever attachment is being operated by the tractor. It can now move both mower wings or folding plow wings at the same time. Forward, neutral and reverse is achieved by a simple flick of a switch on the joystick. The design and function of the new joystick is both ergonomic and extremely easy to learn and operate.

The new digital dash illustrates all tractor and engine functions, switches to a backup camera screen when in reverse, allows access for maintenance personal to retrieve information and displays all on board self diagnostics. The self-diagnostic feature functions continuously and advises what error codes along with what the ECU has diagnosed to be the cause.

Hydrostatic lock, a type of cruise control, is now standard equipment. An Electric locking front differential is still optional. A new feature that customers are very impressed with is the anti-bounce ride control. It eliminates the bouncing after hitting a bump or pothole in the road.

Source: Trackless Vehicles Ltd.

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