Waterless Street Sweeping Enables Year-Round Use

Finnish Snowek’s innovation Trombia does not use water, which increases efficiency and enables working in sub-zero temperatures.

The Trombia has received the EU PM10 street dust certification as the first waterless sweeper attachment in the world. In the PM10 test, Trombia was given the maximum of 3 stars.

Trombia technology uses a globally patent-pending solution for sweeping dust on fully dry surfaces. Unlike many competitors, Trombia sweeps streets without needing dust-binding water.

The PM test has been a European reference for the assessment of road sweepers for several years. Snowek points out that fine particles have become a serious threat to residents in many cities, and improving air quality poses a challenge to local authorities.

”Waterless cleaning process is the key to truly successful and efficient sweeping,” says Snowek’s managing director Antti Nikkanen. “We see that all methods using water to bind dust on street surfaces require enormous energy and powered vacuum to sweep clean – our Trombia technology focusses on solving this global challenge. Also, saving water is important in all global industries going forward.”

Snowek Oy was first established in 2011. It is based in Kuopio, Finland. The company designs high-end street sweepers and pick-up brooms, as well as snowplows and other attachments for wheel loaders, loader-backhoes, excavators, tractors and trucks.

Source: Snowek Oy

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