Driver Input Results in a Drive-Axle Tire That Helps Fleets Beat Extreme Road Conditions

Michelin North America, Inc., is launching its most aggressive drive-axle tire, specifically made for energy sector and logging fleets operating in extreme conditions.

Available August 1st, the MICHELIN® X® Works Grip D tire is designed for on- and off-road use for fleets and owner-operators who are focused on traction to maximize safety, uptime and efficiency. This tire evolves from a client-centric co-creation process with drivers who travel the world’s most demanding roads.

“Fleets and dealers in the Grande Prairie, Alberta, area were at the heart of the development process,” said Justin Brock, Michelin marketing manager – Construction and Tweel segment. “They were a major collaborator in helping to accelerate the time to market for this new tire, which boasts exceptional traction to keep users on the road.”

This customer-centric process began in 2015 with conversations between Michelin and dealers and fleets local to Grande Prairie. They provided honest, firsthand feedback during the next 2 years, including input on 2D- and 3D-tire prints.

The MICHELIN X Works Grip D tire offers 3 key benefits: exceptional traction, casing durability and maximum uptime.

Traction is created by staggered shoulder blocks that provide lateral grip to handle slippery conditions and sawtooth lugs with more than 800 serrated edges that maximize grip on ice and snow-packed surfaces. The MICHELIN X Works Grip D tire offers stability in all conditions. Through the combination of an extra-wide tread and an optimized rubber-to-void ratio, traction is maximized without sacrificing mileage.

Casing durability of the MICHELIN X Works Grip D tire is made possible through these significant features:

  • stone protection thanks to ejectors around the center block that fight stone retention and drilling;
  • shock, impact and road hazard protection through full-width protector ply that protects the working belts at the crown of the tire;
  • sidewall protection realized through extra-thick sidewalls, which protect the tire in extreme conditions from chipping and scaling;
  • Co-Ex Technology for a cool-running tread rubber that reduces temperatures in the crown area and preserves the casing, increasing the ability for the tire to be retreaded.

To maximize uptime, Michelin optimized the housing design of the tread and the positioning of the shoulder blocks, allowing for a quick and efficient installation and removal of snow-chains.

“Michelin believes in engaging consumers in the process of finding the product solutions for their on- and off-road challenges,” continued Mr. Brock. “Fleets that can maximize their uptime have a competitive advantage. Michelin understood that not only are traction and durability prized assets, but that an efficient snow-chain mount and dismount solution is crucial. We collaborated with fleets who work in the most extreme conditions to understand their needs. We were able to deliver a design and product that allows them to work efficiently both on and off road, no matter the conditions.”

The MICHELIN X Works Grip D tire is available in the U.S. and Canada in 11R24.5 size and load range H.

Source: Michelin North America

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