Autocar’s New DC-64R Achieves Breakthrough in Body Integration

The new Autocar® DC-64R severe-duty conventional truck has achieved a new breakthrough in chassis-body integration. Autocar has revealed it is mounting roll-off hoist bodies directly on the Autocar DC truck production line. This is an unprecedented change to the model of refuse truck production, bringing together the 2 main components – the chassis and the body – and treating the truck as one complete tool. Autocar calls this process the Ultimate Power of One and says refuse truck operators will experience several significant benefits from this innovation.

Autocar introduced Power of One integration on the ACX cabover truck recently and data reported by truck operators for the first 90 days in service shows a substantial improvement in uptime and reliability. The Power of One trucks also demonstrated cost savings not only from avoided repairs but also from the other downtime-related costs such as lost driver hours and towing that were eliminated. Autocar will offer Power of One integration with all refuse body manufacturers.

Enhanced safety is another benefit of Autocar’s Power of One integration. Since the whole system – chassis plus body – is pre-engineered and then assembled as one complete tool, Autocar’s finished trucks comply with all FMVSS and EPA regulations. This is one more aspect of Autocar’s Always Up model that differentiates it from other truck brands which, many times, are modified after they are built, substantially increasing the risk of noncompliance with safety standards and other government regulations.

Autocar explains the Ultimate Power of One process starts with engineering each truck based on that specific customer’s needs and working closely with the selected body company’s engineers. All the body components are then installed during Autocar’s production process, with full Autocar OEM quality. So, all the electrical harnesses are installed together, eliminating the risk of splices, loose connectors, or drilled access holes. Body components are huck-bolted onto the frame rails in the precisely correct locations, not welded, avoiding misplacement and damage to the rails. Autocar will also fully mount tarper systems and lighting kits, so when the truck rolls out of the Autocar factory is “Driver Ready” and can go to work immediately.

Autocar offers the DC-64R with a wide range of Ultimate Power of One specifications. Roll-off hoists are available with 27,215 kg and 34,019 kg capacities for 6.7 m and 7.3 m long dumpsters. Telescopic, single-forward, and single-rearward-mounted cylinder configurations are also available. The DC-64R can be engineered with a rear-cab guard and with or without pusher axles, as the customer’s needs require. All installed on Autocar’s production line.

“We’ve done everything possible to make the DC-64R ‘The Refuse Truck’ to help our customers be more successful than ever,” said Eric Schwartz, managing director of Autocar Trucks. “‘The Ultimate Power of One’ is a big part of achieving that goal.”

Source: Autocar

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