Hyundai Finds Traction in Snow-Removal Market

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas showed its focus on equipment solutions for the snow-management market at the SIMA Snow and Ice Symposium, held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, last June.

Hyundai exhibited a HL955 TM wheel loader model outfitted with a Maxxpro hydraulically-operated snowplow from Metal Pless, along with several other features appropriate for snow and ice management, such as special tires, a hydraulic quick-coupler for attachments, and an all-LED exterior lighting package for enhanced safety and visibility during snow-removal operations.

“Hyundai dealers throughout the ‘snow belt’ states and Canada report increased demand for our HL900 series wheel loaders as snow-removal machines,” said Chad Parker, senior product specialist/sales trainer, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “Contractors whose primary business may be landscaping or construction look to commercial snow removal service as a way to keep productive throughout the year, regardless of the season. And they’re finding the HL900 series wheel loaders well suited to the rigorous demands of even the snowiest winter climates.”

Mr. Parker said the HL900 series wheel loaders provide machine operators a range of cab features that keep them comfortable, safe and focused throughout long work shifts during and after snowstorms. Cabs on the Hyundai HL900 series machines feature efficient climate control through electronically optimized air flow; a console-mounted joystick controller that moves with the seat adjustment for more comfortable operation; available joystick steering on all models; standard rearview camera for improved safety; Bluetooth radio with MP3 and hands-free functions; and an advanced 7’’ touchscreen display and control screen that can be adjusted up to 30° vertically and 15° side-to-side for easier viewing.

“Our 5 largest HL900 series wheel loader models all include as standard equipment electro-hydraulic (EH) precision control,” he explained. “The EH controls not only offer greater precision, but are more comfortable for the operator, compared to traditional pilot controls.” In addition, all HL900 series models include as standard equipment an integrated 3rd spool for controlling attachments. Combined with standard thumb-control proportional Roller Switch Control, this enables the operator to set the angle of the snowplow blade precisely in the operator’s desired position. 

Hyundai recently introduced a wheel loader version of its exclusive AAVM (All-Around View Monitoring) system. It is available as optional equipment on all Hyundai HL900 series wheel loaders. AAVM provides a 360° virtual operating view of the jobsite. The system uses 4 cameras. AAVM is an important innovation that enhances safety by giving the operator a unique view of the full area surrounding the wheel loader.

Another feature that makes the HL900 series machines well suited for snow-removal duty is a locking front differential to assist in continued positive tractive effort – or rim pull power – without breaking traction.

“The Hyundai loaders have a good power-to-weight ratio. There’s no problem getting up a hill with a full blade of snow, even with the largest plow attachments,” said Dale White, owner and president of Leighton A. White, Inc., of Milford, New Hampshire. “One of the features I like on the newer wheel loaders is the ability to accept and use a large variety of attachments. The standard auxiliary hydraulic system, combined with the quick coupler, makes it easy not only to use a variety of hydraulic attachments, but to switch from one to another.”

“We were among the first around here to use wheel loaders for snowplowing. I’ve seen so many improvements in the successive generations of wheel loaders,” said Steve Desmarais, owner of Steven Desmarais Construction, also from Milford, New Hampshire. “With the current HL900 series machines – including our newest machine, a HL955 TM tool-master model – plowing with a Hyundai wheel loader is as comfortable and intuitively easy to operate as driving a pickup truck. It’s just bigger.”

Source: Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas

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