The Challenging Project that brought PRINOTH to Antarctica

PRINOTH built a vehicle designed to transport very large loads with less personnel and less impact on the environment for Troll, the Norwegian Antarctica Station. Reducing overall operational costs through lower fuel consumption, reduced total time of transport and by minimizing the number of people dedicated to transporting fuel and goods in the Antarctic region were among the priorities.

Troll is an all-year research station located 235 km from the coast. It is operated by the Norwegian Polar Institute and features facilities for the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Institute on Air Research.

With this particular project, PRINOTH was able to demonstrate its capacity to develop complex vehicle solutions that are ambitious, highly specialized and in some cases ground-breaking, yet keeping safety as a paramount priority. Operating in the Antarctica region requires extreme levels of safety precautions and this project certainly proved to everyone that PRINOTH is ready to take on the challenges found in the harshest environments.


Mécanique J. Clair

The concept vehicle was validated during the 2018-2019 season and has been fine-tuned to optimize its performance and comfort.

Source: PRINOTH Ltd.

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