Top Stability and Safety for Loads With a High Center of Gravity




When developing the new modular K25 L platform vehicle, SCHEUERLE focused on the safety aspect for the transport of loads with a high center of gravity. This is especially relevant when cosidering the transport of wind turbines. The K25 L also scores very favorably through maximum stability when transporting construction machinery or plants.

The energy industry is developing increasingly more powerful wind turbines. The increased dimensions and, in particular, the related high center of gravity of the load require an extremely stable means of transport with an especially low loading area.

SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) from Heilbronn in Germany, has developed the modular K25 L series platform vehicles for ensuring the maximum stable and flexible transport of such products. The “L” in the type designation indicates the particularly low platform height along with the use of larger tires.

The track width of the K25 L is 2,100 mm along with an external width of 3,000 mm which is over 10% more than what is offered by competitors. Due to its wider track, the K25 L considerably reduces the risk of accidents caused by overturning when transporting wind tower segments with large diameters and thus greatly enhances work safety levels.

The maximum axle load of the K25 L is up to 23 t at low speed or up to 13.9 t at 80 km/h. In addition, the 285/70R19.5 tires are larger and more robust. In spite of the larger tires, the platform height is 875 mm (loaded) or 910 mm (unloaded) which makes driving under loads easier. The high axle compensation of 680 mm also makes driving on uneven surfaces safer. Moreover, the maximum steering angle of +/- 60° ensures optimal maneuverability. Lifting and lowering is carried out with the help of a low-emission Power Pack Unit (PPU) from the Z19 series.

The highest negative and positive bending moment on the market creates economic flexibility for the operator through additional loading options. This offers particular advantages for products such as tower segments or nacelles (machine housings) that feature high point loads in combination with a high center of gravity, and those whose center of gravity lies far outside the support center as is the case when transporting long goods with the help of swivel bolsters. Furthermore, the K25 L has a 30% higher torsional stiffness compared to similar products which guarantees cornering safety during transport.

EBS is an innovative braking concept that ensures enhanced braking performance and a shorter braking distance. Depending on the truck tractor, a diagnosis is possible from the driver’s cab. Connecting to a smartphone is also possible. The headlights on each individual bogie provide a further plus in terms of safety, enabling the driver to comfortably negotiate the route at night.

The model range of the K25 L series fulfils the requirements of platform vehicles with 2 to 6 axles. The vehicles can be combined with goosenecks, drawbars, swivel bolsters, bridges and tower adapters, and used in ambient temperatures reaching -25°C. Its versatility makes the K25 L the first choice beyond the wind power industry for the construction sector and for the transport of plant and machinery with high centers of gravity.

Source: Transporter Industry International Group

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