Mobile Air For Mining Repair




When most people think of mining, compressed air rarely comes to mind. Yet, powerful, innovative air compressors play an essential role in the everyday maintenance and repair of critical mining equipment.

Mobile air compressors are mounted to mining service vehicles and allow mechanics to power air tools and other equipment in the world’s remote locations. In doing so, mechanics have a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective power source that enables them to work as quickly as possible. Mobile air helps maximize productivity by keeping downtime to a minimum.

Hydraulic air compressors are a common mobile air option because many mining service vehicles require hydraulic cranes. Hydraulic air compressors use the same hydraulics system to provide high CFM output in relatively compact systems. For example, VMAC’s H60 hydraulic air compressor provides 60 CFM, which is enough air to power 1” impact wrenches and 60-pound jackhammers. The H60 is also frequently used for OTR tire inflation, filling tires in a fraction of the time of other air solutions.

But there is another mobile air solution that has recently become popular in mining: multi-power machines, including VMAC’s 6-in-1 Multifunction. Multi-power machines combine an air compressor with several other types of equipment, providing multiple power sources within a single system.

VMAC’s Multifunction system combines an air compressor, generator, welder, battery booster, battery charger, cold climate kit, and PTO port into one compact design. The Oilman Series Multifunction also includes a Shocker PASS® (Positive Air Shutoff System) to prevent the diesel engine from “running away” if it comes into contact with flammable gasses. Because of its diverse capabilities, VMAC’s Multifunction ensures mechanics are prepared to tackle any job they come upon without having to go back – even when there are unexpected challenges.

Regardless of the system chosen, mobile air power is a convenient, reliable, and efficient way to power tools and equipment for remote mining maintenance and repair.

Source: VMAC Global Technology Inc.

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