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Eberspaecher recently announced the construction of a new production plant for electrical heaters will be built in Ruse, Bulgaria, by late summer 2023. In taking this step, the automotive supplier is responding to the strong increase in demand in the European market.

The new building will be built on a 80,000 m2 plot of land and the production of low-voltage and high-voltage heaters will start by end of 2023. In order to support the high demands of the markets, an interim solution for production will start in Ruse from January 2023 on, until the new building is available.

The products will be used in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for the European market. The necessary electronic control units will also be manufactured directly on site. To this end, the Electrical Heaters and Automotive Electronics Business Units within the Eberspaecher Group are working closely together. When production starts, the team in Ruse will have around 150 employees. In the coming years staff will grow up to 500 employees in Ruse.

With the new site, Eberspaecher is purposefully expanding its manufacturing operations for both electrical heaters and automotive electronics. The Electrical Heaters Business Unit grew from Herxheim in Germany (where production started in 1998), with production sites in China (Beijing/Tianjin) and Poland (Olawa). Eberspaecher has been manufacturing the core technology of the heaters, the PTC ceramics, in Hermsdorf, Germany, since 2016. Automotive Electronics has so far produced the electronic control units in Germany, (Landau, since 2001) and China (Tianjin, since 2019).

Due to the growing market for battery-electric passenger cars, Eberspaecher expects demand for electrical heaters to rise sharply in the coming years. To date, around 4 million vehicles worldwide are already equipped with Eberspaecher’s high-voltage heaters as well as electronic control units.

Source: Eberspächer Group

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