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IntraGrain Technologies recently introduced the new Fuel Lock® Web Dashboard.

Fuel Lock® is a fuel management solution for mid-sized companies and municipalities for whom a traditional cardlock solution may be out of reach. Fuel Lock® is great for any business that runs several pieces of equipment/trucks and has employees that access their company fuel tanks on a regular basis. The system can accommodate up to 300 users and 800 pieces of equipment. It is also possible to link Fuel Lock® at multiple sites to accommodate your needs.

Each employee is assigned a 4-digit pin code which they use to access fuel. When the driver pulls up to the pumps, they simply go over to the Fuel Lock® and enter some critical tracking information based on the preferences of the company. Usually this means their personal pin number, fuel type, piece of equipment and the odometer reading or hours. The Fuel Lock® will then unlock for a specific amount of time set by the administrator, anything from 5 to 60 minutes. The Fuel Lock® will generate an Excel report daily, weekly, or monthly automatically depending on the company’s preferences.

Fuel Lock® now has both an app and web version. Until now, any information or data entry into the Fuel Lock® system needed to be done through a free android or iOS app. This could be difficult if the team in the office does not have a company cell phone. The newly released web version now allows an administrator to access the Fuel Lock® information from the comfort of their desk, while still allowing a manager to receive tamper alerts and notifications on their mobile device. The web desktop also has several features that are not currently available on the app such as the ability to be managed by several people within an organization, a detailed dashboard that can be filtered by day week or month, the ability to switch between dark and light mode, and more prominent recent transaction display.

The new Fuel Lock® Web Dashboard brings fuel management in from the cold!

The company is currently recruiting new dealers in Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern Canada.

Source: Auxilia Ventures

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