The Half-Track Fox Is Up and Running Again




The Classic Vehicles department of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) has just finished bringing a unique 60-year-old vehicle back to mint condition. The “Half-track Fox” was based on a T1 van produced in the Hannover, Germany, plant in May 1962 and then sent off to its purchaser in Austria. It was then transformed by Kurt Kretzner, a resourceful Viennese mechanic, into a 4 axles all terrain vehicle.

Two units, it seems, were built in the period up to 1968. At least one example survived.

The orange-painted Bulli body has, at the front, a steered double axle with dual rough-tread 14” tires and, at the back, another double axle with chain drive. The tracks were mounted on 13” wheels and a construction of his own design made of aluminium elements with rubber blocks to spare the asphalt. As a result of the dual front-axle steering the turning circle was less than 10 m. An automatic limited-slip differential ensured evenly distributed forward propulsion even in deep snow.

The T1 drew its power for this from its standard 1,192 cm3 flat-4 engine producing 34 hp.

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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