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Strenx® performance steel will allow for the design of strong, light and safe mobile cranes, work platforms, loader cranes and other lifting equipment that reaches higher and can take higher payloads.

Lifting applications pose tough design challenges. To increase reach and payload without making the vehicle too heavy for roads and regulations, a strong steel that is used in thinner dimensions is the solution.
Safety is naturally of the highest priority in lifting. It puts high demands on the steel used.

Strenx® is a high-strength structural steel that lives up to the highest expectations thanks to its core properties. Strenx® is an exceptionally consistent material. It has a stable chemistry with a low amount of inclusions, tightly controlled dimensions, reliable mechanical properties and predictable workshop performance.

The consistency of Strenx® is also demonstrated by the unique product guarantees for thickness, flatness and bending performance. With tight and guaranteed thickness tolerances, weight calculations become more accurate and the safety margins more exact. It is also flatter than common standards. A flat steel is easier to cut with laser or other cutting techniques, and it does not give any problems with the welding gap. Not to mention that a flat surface looks better when painted or used for images and marketing. The bending guarantees for Strenx® are a result of the narrow thickness tolerances and the consistent yield strength. Every plate behaves the same way, simplifying the bending process and ensuring a repetable result.

Strenx® 1100 Plus is a new grade in the Strenx® product range with unique weld properties. Strength, elongation and impact toughness of the welded area fulfil minimum guarantees of the base material. This gives important engineering advantages. The design can be based on the same minimum static strength in the entire application, depending on applicable design rules. Strenx® 1100 Plus is perfect for making lifting equipment that is stronger, lighter, reach higher and can take heavier loads.

Source: SSAB

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