Lifting Job in the Swiss Alps




Anyone who has driven their car on a narrow and steep mountain road knows that this requires undivided focus and attention. So it should come as no surprise that doing the same but with a 5-axle crane is a one-of-a-kind scenario that comes with extreme challenges for both operator and machine.

“That’s why we decided to use our Demag AC 160-5 for this job. With its extremely compact design and outstanding maneuverability, it was perfectly suited for the mission – both in terms of getting to the dam and of taking care of the corresponding work,” said Josef Waser, of Fanger Kran AG. “In addition, the crane had the power required to carry out the lifts at the Zervreila concrete dam.”

Before that, however, the AC 160-5 had to be prepared for the trip to the jobsite.

In order to reduce the weight to less than 60 t, the counterweight and other accessories were loaded onto 2 trucks that made the journey that came with unique challenges for the Fanger team. The route was not only peppered with tight curve radii, but also with tunnels that demanded extreme precision.

The team set up the AC 160-5 despite the extremely tight space constraints.

In order to lower the components – some of which weighed up to 7.8 t – 130 m down, the crane was equipped with a 32.9 m main boom and 46 t of counterweight.

Everything went smoothly with the job, so that the crane operator was able to complete all the lifts by himself in a single day.

Zervreilasee is a reservoir located south-west of Vals in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. The lake has a surface area of 1.6 km2 and an elevation of 1,862 m. Completed in 1957, the dam is 151 m high.

Source: Tadano Ltd.

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