“The Beast” Carries Out All the Work




The Unimog U 430 is an indispensable member of the team at Bremer Baumdienst in northern Germany.

“The Beast” is the nickname which Maximilian Salzer has attributed to the Unimog U 430 he recently acquired. The managing director of the tree management specialist Bremer Baumdienst (BBD) and his team carry out all the work needed for year-round management and care of green areas all over northern Germany. In particular, this includes protecting older trees which require particular attention during the hot summer months as a result of climate change.

Operations concerning fallen trees near roads and railways, as well as dealing with storm damage are regular occurrences in northern Germany as a result of the often strong winds which the region experiences. The off-roading capabilities of the Unimog are a great advantage in such cases as the areas concerned are regularly off the beaten track.

“We drive a lot off-road,” explained Mr. Salzer. “Our Unimog is perfectly suited to that type of application thanks to its off-roading capabilities, plus even with the large attachments and bodies we use, it remains stable when driving in such conditions.”

These aspects are among the most important advantages of the Unimog when it comes to the high requirements on operational and work safety when felling trees or cutting overhead clearances along the Deutsche Bahn rail network in northern Germany.

Felling, moving and cutting trees, as well as transporting waste wood are all possible in a single work process with “The Beast”. Once reduced to a size suitable for transport, the wood can be moved on the tipper body behind the cab. Branches are picked up with the grabber arm and pushed into the shredder. If necessary, this can also be operated from a distance using the remote control.

Excellent off-roading characteristics, versatility and compact dimensions ensure efficient work processes whilst also enabling safe felling operations and minimally invasive tree care. This has a positive effect on trees both in cities and off the beaten track – not only does the highly maneuverable Unimog exert a low pressure on the ground, it also allows the team to get very close to the respective site of operation. As a result, the ground only suffers minimal damage during felling and daily tree maintenance work.

Maximilian Salzer studied forestry in Göttingen and is a state-approved agricultural specialist for tree surgery and maintenance. He and his team have set themselves the aim of caring for and maintaining “green lungs” using ecologically and economically optimized work methods.

Source: Daimler AG

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