The BITTYBREAKER Manual Impact Breaker




General Equipment Company’s model 102 BITTYBREAKER is a manual impact breaker/tamper designed to provide a simple, inexpensive alternative to jackhammers, sledgehammers, pick axes and other tools. Compatible with a multitude of industry-standard jackhammer tools, the hand-held BITTYBREAKER offers a powerful impact energy to effectively break concrete or frozen ground, cut asphalt, tamp dirt, chop roots, or remove ceramic tiles and brick pavers.

The BITTYBREAKER weighs only 9.5 kg and produces an impressive force of up to 1,966 Nm (1,450 ft lb energy per blow. An operator can typically complete 10 to 20 blows per minute, depending on the rate of work. A spring-assist tool retainer is included to help prevent damage in the event of a dry fire. It accepts tools that have a 28.8 mm (1.125”) hex shank.

Source: General Equipment Company

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