Aquajet Introduces Versatility-Expanding Accessories for Aqua Cutter 750V


Aquajet recently introduced an Extension Kit, Rotolance and Hybrid Kit optimized for its revolutionary Aqua Cutter 750V with patented infinity oscillation. The Extension Kit increases the 750V’s reach for applications, such as bridges, berths, piers and wastewater plants, while the Rotolance excels at surface preparation on steel bridges, roadways, pipes, tunnels and more. The Hybrid Kit 3.0 converts the diesel-powered 750V to electric when diesel cannot be used due to noise or emission requirements.

“After a successful 750V launch, we wanted to fine tune accessories that give our customers even more ways to use the robot,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet CEO. “There is a lot of concrete around the world that needs repair. The 750V provides a way to efficiently remove it, and these accessories increase where the robot can go and the types of removal that are achievable.”

The Extension Kit can be configured several ways with an elbow and beams, allowing the operator to perform Hydrodemolition in awkward, hard-to-reach areas. During a bridge repair, for example, the Extension Kit enables the 750V to work from the bridge deck and reach over the barrier without having to remove it, saving contractors time and hassle. To reach the underside of the bridge deck, the beams extend to the side over the railing and downward at a 90° angle. Then, the elbow reaches underneath the bridge at a 90° angle and points the cutting head upward underneath the deck. The accessory expands the 750V’s reach by 1 m to the sides and up to 2 m vertically.

In addition to the versatility and efficiency gains, the Extension Kit improves operator safety by eliminating labor-intensive alternatives, such as using hand tools to remove concrete from difficult-to-reach spots.

The Rotolance attachment is a powerful surface preparation tool. Contractors can utilize the Rotolance to remove concrete, rubber coatings, paint, rust, plastic and other materials. The accessory brings this versatility to several different applications, including steel bridge coating removal, roadway surface preparation, deck epoxy removal, pipe coating removal and more. While the 750V is often used for deeper sections of concrete, the Rotolance serves as a light-removal alternative.

This method avoids sand blasting, eliminating dust pollution.

The Rotolance for the 750V comes in 2 versions: the 1000 and 2500 – each with a working diameter of 350 mm. The 1000 achieves a maximum water pressure of 1,000 bar (14,500 psi) that leaves a good bonding surface when cleaning or removing hard paint, rust and rubber coatings. The 2500’s maximum water pressure is 2,500 bar (36,300 psi) that quickly and precisely removes a shallow layer of concrete.

The Hybrid Kit 3.0 easily attaches to the 750V and uses an intelligent system to automatically disengage the onboard diesel engine and convert to electric power. This brings the 750V’s capabilities to applications where diesel engines may not be allowed, such as parking garages or inside buildings. The Hybrid Kit 3.0 can be installed without any tools as operators simply snap it onto the back of the robot, connect the hoses and it is ready to go. The Hybrid Kit 3.0 also features a built-in charger that powers the battery while the robot is working. Once connected, the 750V can run on either diesel or electric, making it a versatile, environmentally friendly machine.

Source: Aquajet

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