Introducing the Updated DYNASET KPL-WEED Weedkiller Unit


The DYNASET KPL-WEED Weedkiller Unit is an environmentally friendly and effective water-based solution for weed control. It works without chemicals or mechanical removal devices. The quick connectors allow the unit to be easily used with different machines.

The unit is built on a DYNASET KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit frame with a DYNASET WHU Water Heating Unit. The machine is based solely on water and its thermal energy: it produces almost boiling water, which, thanks to a new 500 mm long side pipe, can be applied to the desired area from the machine cabin. The height of the pipe can be adjusted, and its position can be changed from one side of the device to the other. In addition to the side pipe, the hand-held spray gun can still be used for targeting specific areas.

In the spring 2023 updated DYNASET KPL-WEED Weedkiller Unit made it easier than ever to eradicate weed roots for example from parking lots, paved areas or sports fields, and best of all – without chemicals.

Source: Dynaset Oy

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