Zeal Launches New FAT TRUCK® Models at the Utility Expo


Zeal Motor Inc., manufacturer of the iconic FAT TRUCK®, showed new models of its lineup at the 2023 Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

Zeal Motor now offers a comprehensive range of unmatched industrial off-road utility amphibious vehicles which include the 8X8 model, with a 2,268 kg payload that can carry a crew of up to 16 individuals; the 2.4 PICKUP, with a hydraulic motor in each wheel; the evolutionary 2.8 WAGON and PICKUP boasting a remarkable 11% power increase and new features over their predecessors.

The new FAT TRUCK® series is engineered without compromise, setting new standards in value and performance for utilities, mining, pipeline operations, telecommunications, and search and rescue missions.

"Our vehicles display impressive capabilities with speeds of up to 40 km/h on land and 5 km/h on water. Furthermore, they meet stringent safety requirements, providing a remarkable advantage that only the FAT TRUCK® can deliver. Even at maximum payload, their footprint remains 5 times less than that of a human walking,” stated Amine Khimjee, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Zeal Motor.

Headquartered in Cowansville, Quebec, Zeal Motor is a corporation specializing in the manufacturing of industrial off-road utility vehicles, offering solutions for the powerlines, pipelines, mining, defence and first responders.

Source: Zeal Motor Inc.

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