Recovered: 2008 Volvo G960 and G940


A client called Boomerang Tracking to report the theft of their two 2008 Volvo G900 series graders, valued at approximately $300 000 each. In addition, only one of them was equipped with a Boomerang recovery device. The last time the graders were seen, they were parked at the city's public work yard.

The tracking team was immediately dispatched and received a signal behind a series of garage doors in a nearby warehouse. They proceeded to contact the local police who arrived shortly thereafter to recover the machinery. Both graders were found together.

Needless to say, the client was very happy to have his machines back and working on the site!

While construction site theft is not the most common type, it weighs heavily on the industry as one of the most costly, with annual insurance claims representing more than $46 million. Construction theft losses not only mean increased overhead, operating, security and insurance costs, but also scheduling hurdles and lost man-hours of production. By equipping their equipments with a Boomerang Tracking device, contractors are benefiting from maximum protection and peace of mind!

Source: Boomerang


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