A telehandler at 5'10" in height


Manulift, the largest distributor of telehandlers in Eastern Canada, increases the standards of customer service for La ferme Dujedu in Quebec's Charlevoix region.

After his first trial at his poultry farm last July, Julien Duchesne, owner of La ferme Dujedu, was convinced that the MERLO Multifarmer 29.6 was the best tool for his business. 

The Multifarmer 29.6 is the most compact telehandler offered by MERLO. It features a PTO that can provide 90hp, a three-point rear linkage, a boom of 6m, and is able to lift 2900 kg. 

To fully optimize the use of the MERLO Multifarmer 29.6, Mr. Duchesne needed a vehicle with a maximum height of 1,80 m that represents 46 cm less than the standard "low profile" model. Manulift's structural modifictions team started to work on a plan that would satisfy their customer's needs.  The first step was to change the tires which reduced the MERLO Multifarmer 29.6's height by 20 cm.  After that, the team strategically cut the cab to achieve the missing 25 cm. The frame was welded with a double interior layer to preserve the integrity and the look of the cab. The door, windows, seat and the interior finish were all adjusted to match the original appearance of the cab. 

These modifications prove why Manulift is the leader in the Easter Canadian telehandler market. These types of modifications could also be useful for more than just the poultry market, for example the construction, mining and dairy producing industries regularly work in low environments and they could greatly benefit from a similar product customized for their needs.

Source: Manulift EMI

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