The MB Crusher-Bucket
Is Fit and Enlisted


Like with any selection process worth respecting, the MB crusher bucket also started its work from scratch to finally earn the ranks of General among U.S. Army equipment.

It all began at the Bauma 2007 trade fair in Munich, where Meccanica Breganzese presented a platoon of crusher buckets in camouflage uniform.

And who would have taken note of this equipment but those who have made technological resources their daily bread: the United States Army!

It is for this reason that today you can find the BF bucket crushers in the shipyards of the American army, always present and in good form, capably satisfying requirements of reliability and productivity in an ever-increasingly demanding, improvised market!

Below you can find an article from an important American newspaper which illustrates the potential and versatility of the MB crusher bucket in various types of work site jobs.

Who would have thought that a product which is so technologically advanced but which was born just a few short years ago would have been enlisted? Because that is exactly how the story went - the BF bucket crushers by MB Meccanica Breganzese, an Italian company with headquarters in Breganze, a small town in the province of Vicenza, has got the world talking. This company was started in 2001 and has not slowed down since, moving beyond world barriers to arrive at the doors of the American army .

The Project: construction of 1635 houses and renovation of over 443 more for military families. An extraordinary ambition for America and a dream for every company trying to win over the project. After years of fierce competition between sector companies in the area, the project was awarded to Giberson Plumbing & Excavating Inc., of Shamong, New Jersey.

Was there a specific reason they were awarded the project? Sure. Giberson Plumbing & Excavating Inc., uses BF buckets crushers that are sold under the Eco-Crusher brand in the United States by Giberson Enterprise, and therefore were able to provide an ample fleet of machines on the front lines.

The machine's compactness, capability, compatibility and productivity have often been discussed, and this time the importance of these traits was demonstrated in this very significant acknowledgment, which has got not only the United States of America and the U.S. media talking, but the whole world! The project will be completed in 2011, reaching a total of 2084 houses.

Richard Giberson confirms that this project has given everyone a sense of immense pride, yet has also been quite difficult due to the many rigid laws and verification measures in place.

When Guido Azzolin, president of Meccanica Breganzese, came to know of this extraordinary Giberson project, he immediately gave the importer a congratulatory call. "Having a dealer like Giberson," says Mr. Azzolin, "is a great source of pride for us. We were already aware that our product was highly technological, but who would have thought people would be talking so much about us? Who would have thought back in 2001 that the entire world media would be talking about our company, our highly innovative product - so innovative that it would one day be working for the American army?"

"To think that, we met MB at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2005 in Las Vegas after having seen an ad saying that they would have a stand at the exhibition," says Richard Giberson. "From the moment we met Guido Azzolin and his collaborators, work began and the results were immediate. We knew that we were investing our money and energy in something which would quickly reward us with its due payback."

"I just have to think of the fact, for example, that we had to hire 30 people in just a short time, for the sole purpose of answering enquiries on the bucket crusher," he adds.

Over some meetings last year in Bauma between Meccanica Breganzese and Giberson Enterprises, the decision was made to participate in some local trade fairs together. This experiment was tried out at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG this year where MB had a stand inside and a testing area outside with the collaboration of Giberson.

Year after year, MB has continued to receive more and more awards, its ambitions growing over time, as seen in the statement made by Guido Azzolin: "Today our product is even more spread out over the world and is becoming part of the standard equipment used by construction companies. Foreseeing demolition and recycling market dynamic needs is a way of giving body to our desire to grow and offer ideas to help make our clients' jobs simpler, faster and more productive, in full respect of the environment."

Source: Meccanica Breganzese


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