Screen Media Innovations
at Conexpo


Montreal-based Major Wire Industries Limited will display its multiple innovative screen media solutions at Conexpo. The company offers many uniquely different screen media options to choose from, so customers can fine tune each screen’s production resulting in the most tons per hour of in-spec products for the least cost possible.

Major Wire’s revolutionary Flex-Mat 3 High-Performance, Self-Cleaning screen media technology is available in a Tensioned version as an alternative to traditional woven wire and a Modular version designed to replace polyurethane and rubber modular screen panels. Flex-Mat 3 panels provide up to 30% more screen capacity than woven wire and up to 50% more screen capacity than polyurethane and rubber panels. Independently vibrating wires increase product throughput by up to 40% over traditional woven wire or polyurethane panels by increasing open area and eliminating blinding, pegging and clogging.

Major Wire’s OptimumWire Woven Wire has a unique chemical makeup that provides up to 40% longer wear life when compared to traditional woven wire of the same diameter. Delivering the industry’s best combination of ductility, hardness and tensile strength, OptimumWire is less susceptible to breaking in high-impact conditions and with highly abrasive materials, so it lasts longer and minimizes labor, maintenance and lost production costs. In addition to these two popular screen media solutions, Major Wire will also be showcasing the LFM Harp Wire, the Double-Weave Woven Wire, the HyperSlot, and Flex-Mat 3 Double-Wire.

Source: Major Wire Industries Limited

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