W.S. Tyler to Unveil Advanced Solutions at Conexpo


W.S. Tyler will display three pioneering aggregate and mineral processing equipment solutions at Conexpo. Making its first North American appearance is the new Haver Pelletizing Disc, which converts fines into marketable pelletized product. The second is the Haver Hydro-Clean™, a high-pressure washing unit that successfully cleans heavy clay-contaminated material while using less water than standard screws and log washers. The third solution is W.S. Tyler’s recently introduced Computerized Particle Analysis System (CPA) that analyzes particles as small as 10 μm to determine exact size, shape and quantity. All three solutions exemplify W.S. Tyler’s Redefining Technology trade show theme.

The Haver Pelletizing Disc transforms wasteful fines into a transportable and salable product for various fill applications and other uses. The proprietary Haver technology minimizes recirculation loads typical of traditional discs by up to 20%, resulting in significant production and profit increases. Designed to offer variable side wall height, speed and inclination, no other similar technology is as adaptable to the customer’s product. The pioneering direct-drive technology works without a gear box and hydraulic coupling, eliminating the maintenance required for traditional components. The efficiency of the drive minimizes energy losses within the system and reduces total energy costs up to 5%.

Capable of handling feed material up to 150 mm in size, the Haver Hydro-Clean employs rotating, high-pressure nozzles to spray clay-contaminated material with pressures up to 2900 psi (200 bar). The washing unit removes silt and clay particles as small as 63 μm from mineral mixtures and, with its short retention times, can process up to 400 t/h, depending on model size and application. Due to its compact size and weight, overall operating and structural costs are considerably less than with traditional washing systems – which also require more equipment and a greater footprint. Using up to 90% recycled water, the Hydro-Clean is the most environmentally positive washing system on the market today.

W.S. Tyler’s CPA technology uses a digital line camera to measure particles up to 10 times faster than with conventional sieve methods. With up to 20 000 scans per second, the CPA’s high-resolution line camera captures particle shape and size and records the quantity. CPA technology eliminates manual calculations and keeps results between operators, shifts and plant locations consistent. Using an automatic sample feeder, the CPA can be automated to run operator-free. CPA equipment is available in multiple sizes.

Source: W.S. Tyler

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