Soil Remediation in a League of Its Own


From a distance, it looks like just another drilling rig. The soil remediation jobsite, on the Schauenburgerstrasse in Elmshorn, Germany, is anything but typical. That is because, far below the earth’s surface, there are Anthrax spores in the soil due to the leather industry which formerly operated here. This is why the experts from Bauer Resources came in, preparing the soil for laying the road and rebuilding the town hall.

Since July 2023, operations manager Daniel Thielmann and his team have been here on site with a powerful BAUER BG 39 rig, selectively drilling more than 1,500 m3 of polluted soil and then immediately backfilling the boreholes with clean gravel.

“In contrast to less polluted excavation material, a suspicion of anthrax spores requires us to following a special procedure,” explained Mr. Thielmann from the Bauer Umwelt Division of BAUER Resources GmbH.

The excavated soil is drained over 3 to 4 days in 2 large tents and then properly packaged in more than 5,000 120 l drums and disposed of at a hazardous waste incineration plant. Special filter equipment ensures that the air in the tent is extracted and purified. In addition, the water generated from the moist soil is collected in the tent and freed of contaminants using sand and activated carbon filters.

The specialists from Bauer Resources will complete the remainder of the work in the new year. But this is far from the end of the project, as they have already received a follow-up order for 2024.

“The task is similar: same site, same procedure, but this order concerns the material from the pipe jacking for the new canal section,” said Daniel Thielmann. “We look forward to continuing our work and the opportunity of demonstrating our skills once again. In this way, we are actively contributing to a new chapter for the town of Elmshorn.”

Source: BAUER AG

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