Transtector Announces Line of Locking Field-Termination Power Connectors


Transtector, an Infinite Electronics brand, recently released a new line of locking field-termination power connectors. The standard IEC C13 connectors are used to power countless components, enable quick and easy field installations for minimal downtime, and lock into place to prevent accidental disconnection.

The devices are a standard-size IEC C13 and rated at 10 A and 250 V. Thus, they can be used to power electronic devices, industrial machinery and more.

The connectors have screw-down terminals for field installation on existing cables without the need for special tools or expertise. There is no soldering required; all you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Another benefit of these locking field-termination power connectors is that they are designed to prevent accidental disconnections. They feature a locking mechanism that stays tight despite cord movement, vibrations, and accidental bumps and kicks in high-traffic areas.

Finally, these locking field-termination power connectors are offered in 3 form factors to best fit your installation: a standard straight plug as well as right-angle or downward-angle plugs to accommodate tight spaces.

“Our new locking C13 power connectors give you quick solutions when your critical components go down due to connector failures,” said Dan Rebeck Product Line manager. “They power many types of components, are easy to install and stay plugged in even with movement or vibration.”

Transtector’s new locking field-termination power connectors are in stock and available for same-day shipment.

Transtector leads the industry with a comprehensive product portfolio and expertise in consulting, design and manufacturing of AC, DC, data and signal surge protection, communications power cabinets, EMP protection and power quality engineering services. Transtector provides valuable end-to-end power and signal integrity solutions for markets that include telecommunications, medical imaging, transportation, energy, security and the military.

Source: Transtector

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