A New "Rock Solid" Community Partnership

Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Canada announced a long-term partnership investment in the mining and earth sciences attraction Dynamic Earth. The construction and mining equipment company will be investing $ 50 000 in each of the next three years into Phase II construction of Dynamic Earth, for a total capital investment of $ 150 000. In addition, Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Canada announced a further long-term partnership investment into Dynamic Earth of $ 20 000 per year over 13 years starting in 2009, for a total long-term sponsorship investment of $ 260 000. The announcement was made at a special community reception at Dynamic Earth last December.

"We are delighted about our new long-term partnership with Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Canada," said Science North CEO Jim Marchbank. "Atlas Copco's Canadian Sales and Service office relocated to the Sudbury community only five years ago, and has since grown into a dynamic company with 225 employees. Now they are the lead donor of the Dynamic Earth Phase II Capital Campaign. We hope their leadership in recognizing Dynamic Earth as a valuable long-term community resource will prompt others in the mining industry to consider similar partnerships."

Dynamic Earth Phase II will include the new Atlas Copco Theater, a multipurpose room, exhibit changes, landscaping and an expanded lobby. The development of Phase II is intended to broaden the visitor experience by increasing the capacity to present diversified content and changing exhibits. Dynamic Earth Phase II is scheduled to open in Spring 2007.

The Atlas Copco Theater will highlight Dynamic Earth's expansion program and will provide a multi-use facility for the Sudbury community. This 160-seat theater will be equipped with the latest in digital cinema technology. High Definition productions with a geological theme will be shown and coupled with ancillary exhibits to complete the visitor experience. The theaterwill also host live presentations, signature productions, seminars and public lectures.

"Our partnership with Dynamic Earth is a perfect fit with our company's core values ­ Interaction, Commitment and Innovation," said Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Canada president Paul Healy. "This multi-purpose theater, particularly with its location at such a community focal point, is an important project that we are keen to supportand with its interactive exhibits, multimedia shows and underground mining tour, Dynamic Earth is the perfect place for Atlas Copco to strengthen its involvement in the Sudbury community. It has had a positive impact on the public's understanding of the mining industry as a vital part of the Canadian economy, and of mining as a viable and exciting career choice."

Source: Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Canada,
Science North


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