New Bomag 815-2 Commercial Paver Offers Mainline Paver Features

Bomag introduces the new 815-2 commercial-class, self-propelled asphalt paver, which delivers features similar to those found on mainline-class pavers.

Powered by an 85 HP, Cummins turbodiesel engine, the 815-2 supplies ample power to the hydrostatic drive and pumps, allowing the paver to handle the heaviest workloads. An exclusive load-sensing hydraulic system is designed to deliver power only when needed. This helps to reduce fuel consumption, yet allows the use of all features while maintaining paving speeds up to 180 ft/min and travel speeds up to 360 ft/min.

The 815-2 is built with the new Unimat 2 screed assembly, offering standard paving widths ranging between 8 and 15 ft. Screed extensions are hydraulically controlled, allowing the operator to change paving widths "on-the-go" within the entire standard paving range. Additionally, material augers mounted directly to the screed extensions provide consistent material delivery at all paving widths. Augers are reversible and can be automatically or manually controlled.

Featuring a formed leading edge, the 815-2's screed design maximizes material flow, which makes it possible to pave at depths ranging from 0 to 6 in. For further paving control and consistency, the screed can be crowned or inverted 2 in and is vibratory and propane heated to facilitate material flow. Hydraulic depth controls and urethane track pads also come standard. The 815-2 has an 8 t hopper and features a dual-slat conveyor system.

For simplified operator control and increased visibility, the 815-2 features a low deck configuration with dual operator's stations. This allows the paver to be operated from either side of the platform, or both simultaneously. The machine also includes ergonomic operator controls.

The 815-2 is available with Topcon's System Four Screed Automation. Using a "non-contacting" sonic sensor system, Screed Automation allows for paving without cumbersome skis or string lines and provides joint matching without actually contacting any surfaces.

Other optional equipment includes a swivel-mounted hydraulic tow-type truck hitch with bumper rollers, ditch plates, fail-safe brakes and a simple Moba automatic joint matcher system. The Moba system controls mat depth automatically by way of a sonic sensor, eliminating the need for manual control.

Source: Bomag Canada

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