Sterling Trucks Offers Ideal Combination for Dump Applications

To sell and distribute tons of dirt at a time to several regional customers, dump trucks need to have maximum power and load-carrying capacity. Sterling L-Line dump trucks with Mercedes-Benz MBE4000 engines and Allison automatic transmissions offers operators the components they need to optimize vehicle performance with limited downtime.

For Sterling dump truck customers throughout North America, the new trend of combining the fuel economy of a Mercedes-Benz engine with the easy operation of automatic transmissions has translated into increased productivity.

"Essentially, this grouping of components solves a number of challenges fleet owners constantly face," said Matt Stevenson, manager of product strategy for Sterling Truck Corporation. "With diesel fuel prices at elevated levels and an ever-increasing driver shortage, fleet owners need quality trucks to keep costs down and their businesses running smoothly."

Sterling Truck Corporation introduced updated versions of the medium-duty MBE900 and the heavy-duty MBE4000 engines in 2003. The latest Mercedes-Benz engines have continued their reputations as strong, lightweight components designed to meet the tough demands of the North American market. The MBE4000 achieves peak torque at low RPM which enables it to pull hills powerfully, require fewer shifts, and provide good fuel economy.

Mercedes-Benz engines run smoothly with top-performing Sterling L-Line dump trucks regardless of the transmission. However, choosing an automatic transmission contributes to increased productivity - often resulting in up to an additional load carried per day.

"Automatic transmissions provide less wear and tear on truck components by selecting the ideal gear for the need at hand," explained Mr. Stevenson. "This gives dump truck operators the ability to maximize the performance of the vehicle and stay on or ahead of schedule."

Another reason for the recent shift in the popularity of automatics is the industry-wide driver shortage. Qualified drivers are harder to find than ever. Automatic transmissions allow fleet owners to reduce driver fatigue, simplify driver training, and improve driver safety.

Sterling L-Line trucks and tractors, with GVWRs up to 105 600 lbs, are hard-working vehicles for dump applications. With four available suspension offerings including AirLiner and TufTrac to cover standard-, heavy-, and severe-duty applications, Sterling L-Line has a truck for every fleet owner.

Source: Sterling Truck Corporation

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