Does Bochert Excavating Hold the Record?


BLS customers know that polyurethane TufPads® track pads deliver great value and performance. One customer who knows that to be true is Rick Bochert of Bochert Excavating of Kent, Ohio.

In 1995 Rick purchased a John Deere 490E excavator, and one of the first accessories he purchased through his John Deere dealer was a set of polyurethane BLS TufPads® track pads. But let Rick tell his own story: "My company owns five excavators and two of them are equipped with polyurethane TufPads® track pads. It was our John Deere dealer who recommended that we give the TufPads® a try. Well, he certainly knew what he was talking about because the pads worked out great. The TufPads® track pads helped us to leave the streets in the same condition as we found them. Another big advantage is that, when we go into the mud, the traction with the TufPads® is just as good as with the steel tracks that came with the machines."

"At this time, it is ten years later, and I am happy to report that our John Deere machine has over 6000 hours on the TufPads® track pads, and only now are they ready for replacement. We were thinking about replacing the machine and the TufPads® last year, but we decided to see if we could get an extra year out of them."

"Well, we got that and a little more. When we do replace this machine, the first accessory I am going to buy for the new machine is more TufPads® track pads. These pads are truly an excellent product."

We think that Rick Bochert holds the record for the most hours on one set of TufPads®, but, to be truthful, we cannot make that statement with absolute certainty. There could well be other TufPads® users out there with more than 6000 hours. Maybe 7000 or 8000 hours! If you can beat Rick's record, we would really like to know about it. Please call BLS at 800-307-0299 with your TufPads® record. If we can substantiate it, we promise to put an article about you and your TufPads® experiences in InfraStructures magazine.

Source: BLS Enterprises TufPads

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