We’ll Forget the Rough Road!


Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group (CPMG) announces Groupe Gemec as the Authorized CPMG Dealer for the province of Quebec as they continue to strengthen their distribution network throughout Canada.

Groupe Gemec is a speciality equipment distributor with a focus on municipal-based infrastructure maintenance equipment. Traditionally street sweepers, catch-basin cleaners, and sewage/water-main inspection machinery amongst others have represented this. All of which has allowed Gemec to build a reputation for service and reliability amongst the municipalities and contractors serving this sector.

Daniel Gelinas of Groupe Gemec says: “This is an important step for us as it addresses the one area of infrastructure repair and maintenance we, and our parent company JJE have previously not serviced. Given that carriageway and pavement maintenance is the single largest infrastructure item any municipal or government agency has in their inventory this is overdue.”

CPMG comprises three distinct product divisions, Cimline, Duraco and Equipt, which combined make CPMG the largest manufacturer of pavement maintenance equipment in the market today. Cimline has long been the recognized benchmark for high efficiency, high production hot pour sealant melter/applicators. The Magma series of melter/applicators has been the CGER/MTQ machine of choice since its introduction a decade ago. With continuous improvements and developments Magma boasts a 114 l/min asphalt pump, the highest available fuel efficiency, lowest operating costs, reduced emissions and a One-Hour Unassisted Start-up Guarantee.

Duraco is the parent firm of that other benchmark, Durapatcher and DuraMaxx brands of velocity patching equipment. As the original and longest-lived manufacturer of pothole and patch equipment of this kind Durapatcher was recognized by the US SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Project) as the only reliable long-term pothole and crazing repair method available. The Macadam mixture produced can be tailored by altering aggregate grades and emulsion types, to produce almost any repair from shoulder stabilization to main street patches and in all seasons. DuraMaxx offers the only fully collapsible bumper-mounted boom with automatic “return to stow” to permit this single crew machine to increase production and maneuverability in urban settings whilst reducing traffic interruptions and improving crew safety.

“Whether it is a preventative practice like cracksealing or a repair practice like potholing, we are very enthusiastic about being able to show our customers how they can keep their most costly infrastructure item functioning as expected with as much or more longevity as the designers originally intended. This addition to our product offering is going to be most beneficial to all of our municipalities and contractors and with the support of CPMG we will be doing our part to help Quebecers get the most from their road tax dollars,” says Martin Lapointe of Gemec.

Rugged, dependable, money-saving products and a dealer network who knows and understands infrastructure maintenance equipment will make this not just a New Year but a New Era for roads and bridges across Canada.

Source: Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group

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