FFC Cold Planer Attachment Maximizes Performance While Reducing Horsepower Requirements


The FFC Cold Planer by Paladin Construction Group attaches to skid steer loaders to mill asphalt and concrete surfaces. It can mill down frost heaves, concrete and asphalt joints and full-depth utility cuts.

The FFC Cold Planer uses a “V” shaped pick pattern on the drum, where the teeth are evenly spread for a smooth, balanced operation. Four teeth are mounted on both outside drum edges to accommodate the highest wear areas. The “V” shaped pattern helps carry material over the drum and behind the planer to clear the working area of milled material and reduce re-milling of material. Minimizing re-milling reduces horsepower requirements and maximizes the performance of the skid steer and planer.

A number of motor options on the FFC Cold Planer allow efficient operation on skid steers with 50 to 170 l/min hydraulic flows. Standard flow models are available in 30- and 40-cm cutting widths to operate with hydraulic flows of 50 to 60 l/min. High flow models are available in cutting widths from 40 to 90 cm and operate with flows from 90 to 170 l/min. Properly matching the attachment to the machine is critical in high production, heavy work attachments like cold planers.

A 60 cm left or right side shift feature allows cutting next to curbs and other obstacles. The controls can be adapted to the loader joystick electric controls, or in-cab fingertip controls can operate side shift, tilt and cutting depth on high flow models. High flow models feature a planetary gearbox drive for increased torque and durability, while all models feature a large access door for easier maintenance.

Source: Paladin Construction Group

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