HERO™ Declares War on Abrasive Ground

A new matrix specially designed for soft and abrasive ground has just been introduced on the market by Fordia.

Specializing in the manufacturing of diamond tools and equipment for the diamond drilling and geotechnical industries, Fordia has caused a buzz with the launch of the HERO™ 7 matrix in June 2009. The company is already expanding this new series with the HERO™ 3.

According to the manufacturer, this matrix has been designed to address soft and abrasive ground types, which are usually rated between 3.5 and 5.5 on Moh’s hardness scale. These rock formations are mostly comprised of sandstone, shale or limestone.

Besides offering an excellent resistance to abrasion, HERO™ 3 also allows a smooth transition when drilling in various hardness levels, an almost unavoidable challenge considering the complexity of rock formations.

Drilling in northern Saskatchewan, Mike, a driller for Team Drilling, has quickly been impressed by the incredible penetration speed of the new HERO™ 3. While competing core bits offer a 10 cm/min penetration rate, HERO™ 3 performed at least twice as fast in the same ground.

Brian, a driller for Major Drilling in West Wells, Nevada, tried the HERO™ 3 in an abrasive ground where the lifespan of core bits typically does not exceed 25 m. He found the HERO™ 3 offered almost three times more lifespan!

With similar results registered in Mexico, Peru and Colombia, clearly the HERO™ 3 no longer has to prove itself. The shining commentaries of the many drillers who tried it prove that it has already won many enthusiastic fans.

Manufactured one by one with great care and precision, HERO™ 3 core bits are made of a unique blend of powders and a special alloy. Compliant with the HERO series, this new matrix comes standard with a 13 mm diamond impregnation height and offers an outstanding penetration to lifespan ratio.

Fordia recommends choosing a Pie-Shape configuration with this matrix, a smart move considering the ground type, because it allows a greater evacuation of drilling cuttings. Sedimentary rocks that can easily block waterways and slow down the work – optimal matrix and configuration choices can help reduce this possibility. HERO™ 3 is also available in Standard and Turbo-Pie-Shape configurations, as well as in Vulcan, with a 16 mm diamond impregnation height.

Source: Fordia

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