ITT Presents the World´s Largest Rental Bank

ITT Water & Wastewater presents its customers a wealth of experience and technical knowledge as well as World´s largest Rental Bank for pumps and mixers. More than 10 000 pieces of equipment are available to be put to use on construction sites, in mines, quarries, sand and gravel plants and in other demanding applications.

Coping with larger orders, unforeseeable situations or getting through repairs: electric submersibles between 0,5 kW and 200 kW rated power, prime assisted diesel pumps (5 cm to 30 cm), mixers, switchgears for automated operations and other accessories are available. Customers receive tailor-made solutions at a calculable price. Pumps and mixers for extreme conditions e.g. Atex Certified, highly abrasive fluids, capacities up to 48 000 l/min or heads of up to 200 m, can be rented.

Globally, ITT’s Rental Bank consists of over 100 rental centers. They are all coordinated with the help of a central data base, ensuring that the customer will always receive the requested equipment at the right time. ITT has established a rapid response service which is available each and every day. The installation of a data base for large and special pumps and other equipment in order to enable a fast reaction for large projects or in emergency situations is a European innovation.

Source: ITT Water & Wastewater AB

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