PALFINGER at bauma


Many companies in the industry talk about economic viability and sustainability. PALFINGER, however, has a specific target when doing its sums and keeps a very critical eye on all the influencing factors that define the cost structure of operating a crane throughout its life cycle.

“Our concern is to bring clarity, transparency and real costs into the operation of our systems in order to confirm our philosophy, which is to ensure that we accompany our customers as a reliable partner throughout the entire life cycle of the product and that our responsibility does not end with the sale of a product,” says Wolfgang Pilz, director of marketing at PALFINGER AG.

An approach that encompasses the whole transaction – from the acquisition costs, the real and potential costs of utilization, maintenance and payloads to the resale value – clearly illustrates the following fact: “Anyone investing in high quality PALFINGER products can save a lot of money in the medium to long term,” he adds.


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