Camoplast Introduces SW® 4S Four Season Municipal Vehicle

Camoplast Track Vehicles announces the new four-season SW® 4S municipal vehicle. The most versatile vehicle in its product category, the new SW® 4S provides municipalities and institutions with a single high-technology vehicle that can be configured as needed to perform a very wide range of maintenance tasks.

Based on the Bombardier-designed Camoplast SW 48 HY sidewalk plow, the leading vehicle in its category, the new SW® 4S can be easily converted back and forth between track and wheels as required, thus maximizing its use all year long. The SW® 4S also features a front universal quick-attach mounting system to accept standard skid steer implements including multiple types of snow blades and snow blowers, articulating mower, angle broom, cold planer, power tiller, rakes and pallet fork. A controllable salt and sand spreader can also be attached at the rear. This allows SW® 4S users to enjoy maximum versatility from their equipment investment without compromising vehicle performance in winter, the toughest season for public works.

The SW® 4S complies with Tier 3 exhaust emissions regulations, and features a microprocessor-based operator information system with a full-color display. The upgraded insulated cab features an integral Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) for operator safety with outstanding ergonomics. Additional improvements have been made to make service access easier and air conditioning is offered as an option.

Available through Camoplast authorized distributors this fall, the SW® 4S will work efficiently and safely all year long, making it the first choice of discriminating operators.

Source: Camoplast Track Vehicles


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