Next Generation Waste Haul Tire
from Continental


Greater structural stability and enhanced product performance are the hallmarks of Continental Tire the Americas, LLC’s latest waste haul truck tire, the HSU2+, the company said recently.

The HSU2+ is the next generation of Continental’s heavy truck tire designed for waste hauling and other severe service applications. While the tire incorporates the previous HSU2’s wide tread and shoulder ribs for improved wear, a robust cut- and chip-resistant tread compound and unique tread groove designs to reduce stone retention, a new feature is Continental’s premier “Stable” bead construction, said Roger Stansbie, director of truck tire engineering for the Americas.

“The Stable bead construction is a new, technologically advanced bead design that incorporates the best that Continental’s engineers have to offer for severe service, construction and other off-road applications,” Mr. Stansbie explained. “With the improvements we have made to the bead design, waste haulers and other tough customers will see even longer casing lifetimes and better structural durability with the HSU2+.”

The new Stable bead features an 18% increase in chafer cord density, an increase in the amount of tear-resistant wrap at the chafer and ply edges of the steel cord, an optimized chafer angle for improved stiffness across the body ply of the tire and an extruded sidewall, turn-up cover and rim strip.

“For heavy, front axle load applications, the Stable bead ensures maximum performance and greater retreadability,” Mr. Stansbie said.

Continental’s HSU2+ sports an extra-deep 26/32'' of tread depth, as well as 276 mm of tread width for greater stability. It is available now in size 315/80R22.5, load range L from authorized Continental truck tire dealers. Visit for more information.

Source: Continental Tire the Americas, LLC


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