Multitouch Solution Enabling Engineering Drawings
Annotation and Manipulation

Engineers and architects are experiencing a real revolution in their work habits. SmartUse is the first application that allows them to visualize, manipulate and annotate their drawings on touch screens.

This software can be used on multitouch tablets and computers, but also on a multitouch table which has the same inclination angle as a drawing table.

The S55 Table, equipped with a 55 inch touch-sensitive screen (usable sitting or standing), enables visualization of the drawings in actual size. Completely designed to meet all the needs of the construction industry, its width is compatible with construction trailers doors. The S55 Table provides all the functionalities of a plan room.

SmartUse deployment in construction companies will represent an important reduction in use of paper by avoiding the amount of printing needed. The objective is to improve and optimize engineers' work on construction sites and to accelerate the annotated plans transfer with the office. Intuition and comfort are at the heart of development for the S55 Table and SmartUse application.

SmartUse features: cropping, zooming (in & out), rotation, comparison of plans by transparency, side by side display, annotation with a wide choice of tools and colours, sending annotated plans by e-mail, USB or to the printer. Metadata filters can be applied in order to ease the search of plans by keywords or visually with the digital stick.

SmartUse S55 is a solution developed by RunAtServer, a Montreal company that specializes in the development of tactile solutions in collaboration with the engineers at Hydro-Québec. It was first presented to the public at the "Contech" show, on November 29th, in Montreal. It make its premiere in the United States at the "World of Concrete" in Las Vegas, last January.

Available in North America and Europe since 2012, SmartUse S55 is already deployed by Hydro-Québec on construction sites such as "La Romaine" and by SNC Lavaliin for the new McGill University Health Center (MUHC). The Geneva airport, in Switzerland, was the first company to set it up abroad.

Source: RunAtServer Consulting Inc.


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