Cummins Unveils the
Next Generation QuickCheck 5100


Cummins Inc. recently announced the next generation of QuickCheck engine information tools - the QuickCheck 5100. This revolutionary new product brings the power of a portable computer and proprietary engine-monitoring software into one handheld device.

The feature-rich QuickCheck 5100 is a self-contained device that makes capturing and reading engine data easier and faster, helping transportation and industrial professionals to better manage vehicles and operations. The shop-rugged weather-resistant handheld device is specifically designed and built for extreme environmental conditions. The QuickCheck 5100 connects to any electronic diesel engine, using standard J1587 or J1939 data links with supplied 6- or 9-pin cables. A supplied USB cable allows users to link their QuickCheck 5100 to a desktop PC.

The QuickCheck 5100 runs on the Windows CE operating system and is preloaded with QuickCheck CE and PowerSpec CE applications, so it's ready to work right out of the box.

QuickCheck CE software accepts data from any diesel engine with standard connectivity to an Electronic Control Module (ECM). It reads and captures fault codes, parameter values, lifetime trip data as well as the data plate. QuickCheck CE allows the user to monitor a range of data from any manufacturer's engine with electronic controls, transmission, braking and vehicle systems.

PowerSpec CE software is a proprietary application for Cummins engines that allows users to take full advantage of the computing power of this revolutionary handheld device. The "Transfer HotSpec" function gives customers the ability to download and customize engine parameter settings on their own PC. Plus, the QuickCheck 5100 provides a convenient trip summary report compiled from 10 data fields: average miles per gallon, average miles per gallon driving, percent of time spent at idle, percent of PTO time non-moving, percent top gear distance, maximum vehicle speed, number of sudden decelerations, distance, total engine hours and trip time. This data can be captured and then transferred to a desktop computer for analysis using optional Cummins QuickReports software.

The QuickCheck 5100 is enclosed in a beefy case surrounded by a rubber guard so it's easy to grip and protected from damaging blows. Operating commands are minimal. Its push-button touch-screen navigation is quickly learned and simple to operate. The QuickCheck 5100 is equipped with a large, 3.8" LCD screen that is backlit for all viewing conditions. Power is supplied by a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery that operates for up to 10 hours at a stretch.

The QuickCheck 5100 is available for sale online at and at Cummins dealers and distributors. The QuickCheck 5100 is sold with everything a customer needs to get started, including a premium Pelican carrying case, AC power supply/charger, 6- and 9-pin connector cables, a USB cable and a software CD with the following applications: QuickCheck CE, PowerSpec CE.

Source: Cummins Inc.


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