Blundstone’s CSA Greenpatch™ Boots Combine Safety and Comfort


The thought of working all day in the dry summer heat already sounds exhausting, but the idea of having to wear uncomfortable steel-toed boots sounds even more unbearable. Having to lace up and untie your work boots after a long, hard day is just out of the question. Blundstone wants to end the tyranny with CSA Greenpatch™ pull-on, kick-off boots, bringing functional footwear to a whole new level with no darn laces!

A number of working Canadian builders, landscapers, firefighters and carpenters require maximum comfort and safety in their everyday jobs. That is why Blundstone has made it their mission to create the lightest, most durable work boots to hit the concrete. More durable than most heavy clunkers, the Greenpatch™ comes in a variety of sizes and three colors.

Blundstone CSA soles are made with state-of-the-art materials; including new Kevlar CSA approved protection mid-soles that are lighter and more flexible, perfect for soothing tired feet after working all day. A heat formed heel provides a snug fit, reducing your risk of blisters. Deluxe Poron™ footbeds provide support for your back and heels, while toes are protected by a broad fitting, tempered steel, Grade 1 safety toe cap.

Whether working or travelling, you will always have maximum protection with soles that are heat, slip, acid, oil, and electric shock resistant, no matter what the setting. Weatherproof elastic and leather keep your feet dry, and allow them to breathe as well. With injection molded soles that are made without adhesives, you will never need to worry about them becoming unglued or rotted stitching.

Source: Blundstone, Pty


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