KAMAG Precision Mover Available in Hot-Dip Galvanized Version


TII KAMAG recently introduced its efficient swap body transporter, the KAMAG PrecisionMover (PM) in a hot-dip galvanized version. Galvanizing the lifting table, frame and cab mounting system enhances corrosion resistance and service life of the vehicle.

The KAMAG PM swap body transporter which is known for its efficiency and manoeuvrability in cargo handling operations.

This vehicle has been specially designed for logistics service providers, couriers, express and parcel service operators as well as sub-contractors who rely on fast and efficient processes at their logistics yards. The KAMAG PM has proven itself to be reliable and safe in tough, continuous use and also when subjected to extreme conditions.

A significant upgrade to the KAMAG PM is therefore the introduction of hot-dip galvanized components including the lifting table, vehicle frame and cabin suspension system. The benefits of galvanization include improved durability and corrosion resistance which are critical to vehicle robustness. Galvanization provides very effective and reliable resistance to rust and facilitates self-healing in the event of minor damage. Galvanized surfaces are robust and resistant to different temperatures without compromising any of their protective characteristics. As a result, the KAMAG PM can also be used during extreme weather conditions as well as under increased mechanical stress.

By integrating galvanized components, TII KAMAG not only extends the service life of the KAMAG PM but also contributes to economic efficiency and environmental compatibility. Galvanized parts require less maintenance and are recyclable thus making them a sustainable choice.

Since its market launch in 1995, the KAMAG PM, formerly known as the ‘‘Wiesel’’, has established itself as a best seller in the internal transport industry. With over 2,500 KAMAG PM swap body transporters in more than 20 European countries, TII KAMAG is the market leader in this segment. Customers particularly appreciate the vehicle's high level of economic efficiency and practicality when handling swap bodies, trailers and semi-trailers.

Source: TII Group

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